Saturday, July 28, 2012

My New Camera

Grammy and Grampy bought me my very own camera so I can send them pictures of everything I see on Saipan.  I love taking pictures and exploring, so I am so excited!  Here are a few photos from our last goodbye lunch the day before we moved to Saipan:

This is my Grandma Bonnie, Aunt Clare and Uncle Justin

 This is Cha-Cha (my Uncle Justin), Mi-Mi (my Aunt Amy) and my cousin Lawdin

 This is Uncle Tookie and Aunt Pookie

 This is Mi-Mi, Law and my silly daddy!

 This is my cousin Sophia

 This is my Great-Uncle Sean

 This is my friend Paulette (She will be a cousin one day!)

 This is Aunt Sherry

 This is Andrew and kind of his mommy, Joie

 This is Grampy and Grammy at their house.

 This is Mimi again

 This is Law making a funny face!

This is me and Law-Law (O:

These are lots of my favorite people whom I love very much.  It was hard to say goodbye, and I miss them every day.  But, like my mommy says, it is OK to be sad.  But then Jesus makes us HAPPY! (O:


  1. shannon corley seatonJuly 28, 2012 at 11:00 PM

    This is a wonderful idea! What sweet pictures!