Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Ocean Experience!

A few days after we arrived on Saipan, Momma and My Daddy took me to see the ocean for the first time.  It was so big and beautiful!

This was my first view as we walked through the park and up to the beach...

I really liked finding crab holes!  I also like covering them up with sand so the crabs can't get back out...

There are always a few boats along the shore, from the local fisherman.

We always look for little crabs walking on the sand.  Sometimes they are hard to see because they are the same color as the sand.  There are other kinds of crabs that live in little seashells.  Next time we go explore, I will try to take a picture of them.

My Daddy told me to take a picture of this.  It is from WW2, so it's really, really old.

That is my last picture of the day...after this, we were at the ocean and ready to play!

Have a great day!  I love you!